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TBT to a 365 project from the Past !!

This is a true TBT of a blog that I lost and am gonna post just once before I start my new run recording podcasts and documenting the process. I had a blog in 2010 that was a 365 project sidelined by some personal setbacks. This was what I put up for the first few posts in January and February.  I will not be blogging on the daily but rather on the weekly and posting podcast interviews and portraits of those subjects. I will be focusing on telling stories and exploring artists personal projects and sometimes checkered pasts. Enjoy the throwback... check out the podcast soon.. Checkered Past Podcast in the works...


                                   First Post in my 364 and a Quarter Project (1/17/10)

Hello RCP 364 and a quarter blog visitors !!! 

This is Me, Ryan Clyde (above). This is my first post for my 364 and a quarter project. Some of what will be posted will be artsy, sexy, black and white, vividly colorful, shocking, beautiful, bloody, sensitive, many many more and all created and shot by me with the help of friends and associates alike. I've decided that for everyday this next year I am going to post a new photograph. Zoning in on the use of off camera lighting (which I've been in love with since my first Nikon SB-600 flash and sender receiver set of Pocket Wizards). My goal is to expose my weaknesses as well as my strengths in photography. No one is perfect and I am far from it, but I refuse to give up on my career in photography at 25 and need a new project to keep the wind in my sails. I've been shooting since I was a teenager, something like 12 or 13..? Shooting friends skating, flowers, smiles, portraits, etc.. and of course bums on the streets of places we visited on our adventures in the streets at night in downtown Phoenix. I continued shooting skating and lifestyle photography for years... all black and white and nothing but 35mm film. Sometime around 19 I decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I "invested," slash, went into debt big time, and purchased my first pro/consumer Digi SLR and started shooting for real. It's been wild, I've had a lot of good times and there are a lot of great things that I've been able to be a part of and contribute to since that decision to make my first of many purchases in the photo world. Since 19, I've continued to grow and develope my skills. Shooting mostly people... portrait work, music editorial/band packaging press kits, lifestyle, and event photography. Most of what I do, is to just shoot what comes along, but I love working with other artists. They are people who are forward thinkers and creatively driven, which makes my job in capturing those interesting moments, all that much easier. 

Currently I'm looking to focus on improving my use of lighting and controlling it within any given situation placed in front of me.... blah blah blah ...... I could talk all day about what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog project!! but I'm positive that over the course of the next year I will continue to evolve, thus goals will change.
-wish me luck-



                                                                  Second Post - Tesleah shoot (1-18-10)

Shot this awhile back but needed to re edit and color balance the hell out of the image. Played around a bit with a single Alien Bee 1600 on a boom stand. I shot her with the key just above her head, placed just above the Taleasha. Modified the light a bit with a DIY soft box made from a speedring attachment(made from an incandescent light, tin umbrella, which I cut with a 4 and a quarter inch grinder and re-mounted the tin onto the clamp for the female end.) Shot this at 1/125 of a second shutter speed, f/stop: f/11 aprox. 23 mm focal length on a 15 mm-30 mm fish lens. Alien Bee full blast max power, ripped through the soft box which was double layered with diffusion cloth and blammm.. got my elevated lit model and filled her with a sb-800 in front and two SB-600 behind her throwin my light on the backdrop. That was it.. we had a fun shoot- this was actually a dual model shoot that I just happened to pick one of the singles to display... 

                                                           Third Post - Erica (1-19-10)

This is a photo I'm adding to the 2nd post from the same shoot.. Erica is the model. Same lighting scheme and technique.. different look

                                                         Fourth Post - Courtney (1-19-10)

This is a shoot I did with Courtney. Very similar to the lighting I used with my Erica and Taleasha shoot in that I used the same flashes for fill and the Alien bee for a key.. but I lit her from a much higher angle and from the side as opposed to almost directly overhead. She was very natural in front of the camera after warmin up and I actually offered very little advice at all. In hind sight, my original idea for this shoot was very different but as we shot it evolved into this and I went with it, it was working out nicely. She responded much better to doing her own thing, which was a complete contrast with my normal, over the top, conductor attitude towards posing models. Liked a lot of the same look and decided to take it to a 4 shot... same outfit.. same hair.. same make up... same style... diff pose kina vibe. I'm pretty happy with it as a whole. Court did a great job, beautiful girl, great style.. no MAU(make up artist), did her own hair and make up in this one!.. as well as rocked her own clothes. Which is almost the entire reason I wanted to work with her, she's just got a look. Hope I caught a couple moments that work.


                                                            Fourth Post - Christian (1-20-19)

Christian shoot... Not going to write about this shoot tonight.. It's been a long night..

Sorry!!!!... for the delay on this 364 project.. The ultimate goal of this project is to be able to produce great images on the daily and get them posted for review and open critique. Unfortunately no situation is perfect.. and this past week has been just that.. not perfect. I will continue with my 364 and a quarter project by starting to post again tomorrow about 6 p.m. I have had internet/ computer issues to be followed by an unavoidable personal situation that needed to be addressed before another post could be possible. SOOOO see ya tomorrow.. back.on.track


                                                            Fifth Post - Christian (1-30-10)

Back in the studio vibe... Felt the black and white on this one.. simple. She's a looker and you dont need to overdue it sometimes when u have that to work with.. Studio is over with.. one more shoot tomorrow night and then the paper is gettin burned down... time to get out into the world and shoot this location ish for sure!


                                                           Sixth Post - Megan (2-2-10)

Megs.. late night.. on the move in a golf cart.. night.

UNfortunately Febuary had its setbacks and the wreck ran it's course. With out going into details.. I will be doing with this project what most people do with their first 365 project. I WILL BE STARTING IT OVER hahaha

It's just the way of the world. Sometimes life throws a bunch of lemons at you and you have to either throw em back, or eat em. Since I happen to have some tea laying around I decided to make my half and half Arnold Palmers solution.. but that's an after thought.

BOTTOM LINE.. I should be into my new house here in a couple of days.. I will have my computer and camera equip back in the same zip code, plugged in, and ready to snap away!! I am not going to erase my gameplan or goals for this project.. just hitting the reset button and starting a new. Gimme a couple of days and I will be bloggin away again on the daily!!


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